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Simply Elegant

Nails, Shampoo and Massage in Da Nang Vietnam


Son Tra, Da Nang, Vietnam

We Speak English, Korean & Vietnamese
Best Nails in Da Nang
Nails in Da Nang

The Best Nail Salon in Son Tra, Da Nang

Simply Elegant Nail & Spa promises a family friendly cozy vibe and personal care for each guest. Our goal is to make sure every customer feels fantastic. We excel in nail care, hair treatments and massage therapy while still offering the most affordable pricing in the area. Our manicures, pedicures, gels, cat eyes, extensions, heel scrubs, and amazing artistic designs stand out due to our on site owners experience of over 15 years. We are proudly owned and run by women, as a small business we're here to give you individual attention.

Great Location!
Enjoy Coffee, Lunch or Dinner Right Next to Our Spa

Our cozy spa is conveniently located next to the renowned "Woods Coffee & Milk Tea" shop & the very popular "Bao An Macrobiotic" vegetarian restaurant. A picturesque outdoor dining spot known for its organic vegetarian meals and refreshing juices, it's worth the walk or short ride to hang out for a while in a local neighborhood off the main street. Our neighborhood is safe, friendly, full of families, relaxing, and quiet. Many expats live here, and tourists love it. It has a really nice vibe—it's a must! We hope to see you soon.

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Nails By Thi

Introducing Thi, an accomplished head nail designer and proud owner boasting over 15 years of expertise in the nail design industry. Thi's journey began in a small town, where she started working at a nail and hair salon at a young age. Fueled by the aspiration to one day establish her own spa, she later moved to Da Nang.

Starting from the ground up, Thi climbed the ranks in the spa industry. During her off hours, she dedicated herself to learning Korean and English, a commitment that propelled her to the position of spa manager within just 7 months. Recognized for her knowledge and strong work ethic, Thi became a sought-after consultant for new spa ventures.

As the Covid pandemic waned, Simply Elegant Nail & Spa emerged, quickly becoming a preferred destination for locals, tourists, and expats alike. Clients were impressed with the top-notch service, and many have become regulars, forming a personal connection with Thi. Whether you're a local, a new tourist, or an expat, Thi aims to welcome you into her spa family and exceed your expectations. 

"As someone who worked in the nail industry many years, Thi has rare skills that we don't see often in the nail industry as most don't do it with passion and don't have the experience. Her extension work is perfect, cat eyes look like glass, her designs and ability to recreate designs are remarkable" - Jessica R. - Local Da Nang Expat

At Simply Elegant, our owner and staff are dedicated to providing you with a uniquely personalized touch and a genuinely relaxing experience during your visit. We eagerly anticipate the pleasure of welcoming you soon!

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