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Nail Salon in Son, Tra, Da Nang with Simply Elegant Spa

Caring for your nails isn't just about looks, it's self-care. At Simply Elegant, our experienced team goes beyond just Manicure & Pedicures with advanced nail designs and gels, bringing creativity to every treatment. Trust us for both care and style in nail services, we look forward to seeing you!

Nail Care & Design

Nail Shop in Son Tra, Da Nang

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Manicure - 50,000vnd
Pedicure - 50,000vnd
UV GEL - 100,000vnd
Design - 10,000vnd to 50,000vnd
Gel Mani - 200,000vnd to 250,000vnd
extensions - 100,000vnd to 150,000vnd
Cat eye - 200,000vnd
Chrome - 200,000vnd
Leg Scrub - 100,000vnd
Heal Scrub - 70,000vnd

Designs By Thi & Staff 

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