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Hair Wash

다낭, 베트남의 심플리 엘레강트 스파에서 샴푸 서비스를 즐겨보세요.

심플리 엘레강트는 당신의 머리와 전반적인 웰빙에 다양한 혜택을 제공합니다. 저희의 프리미엄 제품은 신중하게 조성되어 당신의 머리를 영양공급하고 활기를 불어넣어 건강하고 윤기 나는 머리로 가꿔줍니다. 우리가 제공하는 전문적인 치료는 단순한 클렌징을 넘어 특정 머리 걱정을 해소하고 장기적인 활력을 촉진합니다. 이를 통해 이루어지는 편안한 마사지와 결합되어, 이 경험은 보통의 헤어케어 루틴을 뛰어넘어 자기 관리에 대한 종합적인 접근을 제공합니다.

머리 및 케어 트리트먼트

Nails, Shampoo, Massage, Facial In Son Tra Da Nang

헌신. 전문성. 열정.

Embark on a hair transformation journey at Simply Elegant, located in the heart of Vietnam, where our shampoo and conditioner treatments are more than just a routine, they're an experience. Often misunderstood by tourists, this is a common must for locals because they know how much it changes the health of the hair and scalp. Don't skip this experience while in Vietnam, especially due to the low cost and unavailability in other countries. Unlike standard hair care, our approach deeply revitalizes your hair, enhancing your confidence and mood. We prioritize scalp health as the goal, thus promoting new hair growth and caring for the skin with high-quality products.

Our secret at Simply Elegant lies in our unique method not found at other spas. Contrary to the usual practice of conditioning after shampooing, we start with a special massage technique using a selection of conditioners first. Following this, we perform a thorough scalp and hair cleansing to ensure complete health and cleanliness without leaving that waxy conditioner feeling all over the scalp and hair. This deeply nourishes your hair first, making it soft and lustrous, yet leaves your scalp and hair completely clean. 

The treatment concludes with a gentle drying process, leaving your hair refreshed and you feeling more relaxed. For those seeking an extra touch of pampering, pair our hair therapy with a steam and facial cleanse, topped off with a hydrating mask for a truly glowing appearance.

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